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Thank you for taking the time to view our website!!! We recommend that you view it on a Desktop/Desktop-view. However, if you are using your mobile phone, you can navigate through the website by clicking the menu button at the top of each page.

As you know we will be taking our wedding celebrations to the far away magical land of Morocco....

We know, for most of you this will be your first time visit to Morocco, so we would like to begin by welcoming you!

I (Khloe) originate from this beautiful country, and Jake has adopted it! Morocco is a wonderful country that has so much charm and lots to see and do. It has special meaning to us, as it was our first real adventure, and since Jake's first visit we have been returning on a yearly basis (at least)!! We hope you fall in love with this country just as we have!

This site is designed to offer you as much information as possible on the wedding celebrations and your trip to Morocco. 

Please could you RSVP as soon as possible! As you can imagine it is difficult to organise a wedding abroad and everyone's cooperation is extremely appreciated. If you prefer you could message Jake, our parents or I  (our numbers are on the invitations), otherwise just fill in the form under RSVP (it asks for your email as it sends you a confirmation of your RSVP).

We do really hope you can make it!!
As you know Jake and I LOVE to faff so creating this has been our dream come true! However, we welcome any advice, recommendations or questions!

Lastly, please check back regularly as
 we will be making frequent updates to the website as the plans progress

Khloe and Jake xxx
P.S. Please include any music requests (in any language) in the guest book. Or message these to me. 
Shoukran (Thank you)


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